Mount Calvary Church

5 Union St
Salem, NJ, 08079-1723

Welcome to the website for 
the Mt. Calvary Seventh-day Adventist church
which is located in Salem NJ.

Mt. Calvary exist solely for the purpose of being a place of worship and service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We live, pray, work and wait for the soon return of our risen Lord and Saviour.  Yes, we believe in the real second coming of Jesus as he has promised in His Word, the christian Bible. 

Please check back often. May our site be a web site that will help you to get to know our Lord better and to receive blessings from him.

We at Mt. Calvary believe that there are two main aspects of the Christian experience; separating from sin and disbelief in God and developing character qualities like Jesus, so that we can live with Him as he has invited us.  

We invite and encourage you to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ.  We also know that a real relationship and salvation does not happen apart from Jesus.(John 15:5).  Even coming to Jesus is because of His power to draw a sinner to Him.
If you wait until you are "good enough" to come to Jesus you will never come.  Jesus loves to take sinners as they are, remove their sin and guilt, and then give His character to them!

Remember it's easy as ABC to "give your life to Jesus Christ";
A= Accept Jesus as your Savior.    
B=  Believe in Jesus through faith. Only Jesus gives salvation.
C= Confess or repent your sins and grow into the likeness of Jesus by 
       building a relationship with him by studying his word the BIBLE, Prayer
       and associating or worshipping with like minded Christians.


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